“Freedom of Press in Africa, Europe and the Americas” – FAU Human Rights Talks (Summer Term 2019)

Here you can find films about the research done in the course of the FAU Human Rights Talks of summer term 2019!

Wording of the Human Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression

Socio-Political Context

Alternative Mechanisms for Protecting Freedom of Press

Case-Law Analysis

Analyses of judgements of the European Court of Human Rights

Goodwin v. United Kingdom

Garaudy v. France

Axel Springer AG v. Germany

Pentikäinen v. Finland

Şahin Alpay v. Turkey

Analyses of judgements of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Advisory opinion (on compulsory accreditation)

Herrera-Ulloa v. Costa Rica

Kimel v. Argentina

Manuel Cepeda Vargas v. Colombia

Fontevecchia et. al. v. Argentina

Analyses of judgements of the African Court on Human and PeoplesRights

Lohé Issa Konaté v. Burkina Faso

Scanlen & Holderness v. Zimbabwe

Egyptian Initiative (for Personal Rights and INTERIGHTS) v. Egypt

Beneficiaries of Late Norbert Zongo et. al. v. Burkina Faso

Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza v. Republic of Rwanda


Participants in the FAU Human Rights Talks SS 2019 with Judge Tim Eicke (Judge for the United Kingdom at the European Court of Human Rights).

Video conference with Justice Sylvain Oré (President of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights).

Video conference with Bruno Rodriguez (Inter-American Court of Human Rights).