What are the “FAU Human Rights Talks”?

The „FAU Human Rights Talks“ are an innovative teaching format enabling students to engage in a critical and vital dialogue with human rights practitioners. To prepare the talks, the participants jointly work on current issues of fundamental and human rights protection from different perspectives. For instance, they might asses the judicial approaches of the different regional human rights systems (Africa, America, Europe) or compare the perspective on the challenges of human rights protection of business stakeholders with those of civil society.

Depending on the topic, the talks are held either in English or German. The research is conducted mostly self-organized in small groups under the supervision of Professor Wiater. In order to develop expertise on specific human rights questions and to compare the different perspectives on the issues, the participants meet for several full-day workshops.

The “highlight” of every Human Rights Talk are the dialogues and discussions between students and regional or international human rights experts. They offer stunning insights and allow students to get in touch with experts from courts, law firms, politics, businesses or NGO’s.

The application period for the next FAU Human Rights Talks will be announced here.