FAU Human Rights Talks

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Key Facts:

  • Become an expert on the case-law of the Inter-American Court of Human   Rights, of the European Court of Human Rights and of the African Court on   Human and Peoples’ Rights
  • Get in touch and discuss with judges and experts of the courts
  • Participate in 4 full-day Friday sessions during the summer term 2019
  • Profit from discussing in a small group
  • Apply now by sending an email (including a short CV) to patricia.wiater@fau.de

Short description:

Freedom of press is a cornerstone for vital democracies. In order to allow free exchanges of political and societal views, state restrictions to freedom of press must be limited to a minimum. All three regional human rights courts are confronted with state actions restricting freedom of press – ranging from censureship to violence against journalists. In our workshop, we will develop expertise on how the different courts methodically and normatively deal with state intrusions into freedom of press. After discussing introductory aspects, the participants will be divided in “teams”, each responsible for the jurisprudential particularities of one regional court. At the end of the term, after discussing legal comparative outcomes of our case law analysis, we will (virtually or personally) get in touch with practitioners of the courts and start our “FAU Human Rights Talk”.