FAU Human Rights Talks 2023/2024

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Artificial Intelligence as a Human Rights Chance or Challenge?
The African, Inter-American and European Perspective

What are the next Human Rights Talks about?

The Human Rights Talks of 2023/2024 will focus on the impact and potential use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the regional human rights systems. The African, Inter-American and European Human Rights Systems all have different backgrounds and peculiarities. Increasing capabilities of AI systems are universal in their potential to bring about change, yet they might pose different challenges and opportunities to the human rights systems.

We will hold introductory workshops to familiarize ourselves with the basics – such as the current and future capabilities of AI and the framework of the regional human rights systems. Then, in regular Zoom sessions, we will engage with selected speakers to hear first-hand from those working on/with AI, as well as scholars. On 7/8/9 June 2024, we will hold a conference in Nuremberg with judges/representatives of the regional systems – you can participate and get actively involved!

Who can participate in the Human Rights Talks?

Law students (during all phases of their studies, including doctoral students), students of the Human Rights Master, Erasmus-students as well as all students from other disciplines are invited to participate in the FAU Human Rights Talks.

Optional acquisition of certificates (Seminararbeit) or ECTS credit points can be personally discussed with Professor Wiater in advance.



About two introductory and closing workshops will be held in presence in winter term, followed by regular Friday Zoom sessions. The exact dates will be announced as soon as possible.

On 7/8/9 June 2024, we will hold a conference in Nuremberg.


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Are you interested? Apply now by sending an email (including a short CV) to patricia.wiater@fau.de and darius.hashemolhosseini@fau.de.

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Further Information

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